What's New

What's New

16/11/2021 Added whole new section on Standard Communication brochures

12/11/2021 Added Motorola MT500 brochure and Motorola Minitor Brochure

29/09/2021  Added early Racal 400 Harness brochure

28/09/2021  Added Pye Community repeaters brochure, Pye Equipment guide 1979

27/09/2021  Added Pye MF6AM Reporter page, New brochure to PRP70 page, New Clansman                             Harness page, Burndept Lynx and Burndept BE468 also Neve radiotelephones NOVA                         updated

04/05/2021   Added Marconi MADE (Mobile Automatic Data Experiment) brochure to Police


30/04/2021   Added original Home Office manual circa 1948 for Marconi H16 radio also added a

                     number of new brochures to the Marconi Brochures and Marconi Military pages

26/04/2021   Added Racal USA Catalogue

22/04/2021   Added some new brochures to Racal Encryption page

07/04/2021   Added a couple of new maps to the Radiophone page

05/04/2021   Updated Racal Cougarnet radio system page 

29/03/2021    Updated more Plessey pages  Plessey vehicle radio  PVS2450  PV2455  PVS1640

                      PV2413  Plessey Tactical Comms

28/03/2021    Updated the following PLESSEY pages  PRC344  PVS1850  PV430  PTR2411

                      PTR3411  PTR349  PRC420  PTR1430  Plessey systems  PRC320-1 

22/03/2021    SABER/MX1000   McMICRO   MX300

21/03/2021    Page updates will appear here