The Racal Cougarnet system


The Cougarnet communications system provides a flexible radio network based on different combinations of standard units and is extremely versatile in its adaptation to local requirements. It is easily expandable and is simple to operate and control

The integrated system comprises of a family of radio stations

Personal radio

The personal radio is the basic building block of the system

It is available as follows

PRM4515N Low band VHF with switchable tone squelch

PRM4515L Low band VHF with Tone squelch hard configured  on or off

PRM4515H High band VHF with Tone Squelch hard configured on or off

PRM4515U UHF with tone squelch hard configured on


Operating modes are F3E Narrowband FM simplex or two frequency simplex and F1E 16Kb/s data and 10 channels.

Channel bandwidth 25Khz with a 12.5Khz frequency step,  Nominal RF output is 2w

Clansman compatible audio interface

TX time out adjustable 30-60-90-120 seconds

Height(with battery) 223mm  width 75mm depth 30mm Weight (with battery ) 0.75Kg

Frequency data is stored in non volatile memory until overwritten .

Crypto key variable data is retained for at least 15 minutes in radios configured with capacitor backup and permanently in radios with battery backup. Key variable information can be erased using the Zeroise function on the mode switch.  

For ease of recognition Low band radios have Black knob inserts High band radios Red Knob inserts and UHF have green Knob inserts.

The radio uses a 10v Nicad battery model MA4516

low band range is 68-88Mhz whole band coverage

High band range is 136-174Mhz in 10 overlapping 20Mhz bands

UHF range 403-470 in 20 overlapping 20Mhz bands There is also a special UHF variant for 380-400Mhz



Static, Mobile or Transportable Station (SMT)

The SMT is based on a PRM4515 which is inserted into an RF amplifier appliqué unit  TA4523L for VHF low band

TA4523HA or TA4523HB for VHF high band

TA 4523U for UHF

The VHF variants provide a maximum of20w in their respective band and the UHF variant 10w, The VHF variant can be switched between 2,10 and 20w and the UHF variant between 2,5 and 10w. The SMT operated at full specification on a power supply between 12 ans 17v and on a reduced output on a  supply of 10.8 and 12v

In common with the PRM4515 the TA4523 frequency range can be recognised by the colour of the Control knob inserts Black for low band VHF, red for high band VHF and green for UHF.


Static Radio station

 A static radio station consists of and SMT and MA4730 Extended control unit and an AC power supply. The radio station can also be operated directly by plugging a hand speaker microphone directly into the SMT in place of the MA4730 and manually changing the PRM4515 channels.


Mobile radio station

The mobile radio station consists of an SMT and MA4730 extended control unit connected into a vehicle power supply and vehicle mounted antenna.


Transportable station

The Transportable station consists of an SMT, hand microphone and an MA4025 12 V battery attached and TNC whip antenna for the relevant band.


Transportable Repeater station

The transportable repeater/ talkthrough station comprises of an smt with an extra appliqué unit for a second PRM4515 and a MA4509 Digital Analogue repeater unit (DARU) and a Duplexer unit for the frequencies used. It may also contain an MA4730 and an MA4025 battery and/or a MA4177 mains power supply.


Helicopter station

The helicopter station comprises an SMT , a BCC597B aircraft interface unit  and a BCC584D control and display unit. The BCC584D control unit has facilities for its own frequency fill which gives selection of 30 pre-programmed channels.



Hill top site station

A basic hilltop site station consists of an FRM4525 base station this is based on the Ericsson F600 vhf base station transceiver connected to a station control unit, antenna interface unit and a site control unit contained in a lockable steel cabinet.


Control of the Hilltop sites is achieved using an Outstation Link Control Unit (OLCU) MA4527. This interfaces over the air or directly to a site control unit and can control 256 outstations. It has facilities to change channels select transmitters and receivers in dual systems and display alarm and status from sites.


Programming of radios in the system is done by use of an MA4073B/C/G programming unit or an MA4083B/C/G Fill gun. Any unit can do frequency fills but each Programmer /Fill gun only programmes specific encryption versions C variants do MA4437 (green crypto board) and G variant is MA4487 (red crypto board). There is also an MA4477 crypto which is filled by the C variant.





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